In their Application for Development Project Approval (ADPA) Union Pacific provided a preliminary analysis of the environmental benefits of the proposed ICTF Expansion and Modernization Project. The ICTF JPA is currently analyzing the potential impacts of the proposed Project through the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). As required by CEQA, the JPA released to the public for review and comment a Notice of Preparation/Initial Study (NOP/IS). The NOP/IS provides an overview of the proposed project and a brief description of the potential impacts. The public was encouraged to review and provide comments on the NOP/IS and those comments will be posted on this site soon.

The JPA will incorporate comments received during the NOP/IS review period to complete a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The Draft EIR will include detailed analysis of each of the potential impact areas identified in the IS. Once complete the Draft EIR will be circulated to the Public for their review and comment.

Comments received during the review of the Draft EIR will be used to create a Final EIR for the Project. The Final EIR along with the IS, Draft EIR, and public comments will be used by the ICTF JPA Governing Board to determine whether or not to approve the ICTF Expansion and Modernization Project.